What does each way mean?

Not sure what is each way? This is a specific type of bets that have gained popularity primarily in football. First of all, it means the forecast for the favorite, but often it does not have a very profitable coefficient. To make gambling more beneficial, such a strategy can be applied. It actually means 2 bets. For example, bets on the facts that a team will take the 1st or 2nd places during the season.

If the club which you bet on finished first, and the size of the bet was $100, you will get paid for this market, as well as for the fact of getting into the top-2. What are each way in betting means in practice? This term is firmly rooted in the slang of forecast fans. Now it applies not only to soccer games but also to dozens of other sports events. Such a strategy increases the probability of winning and is especially successful in the long run.