What does over mean?

Usually, this term is used in the world of football. It’s easy to understand what are over in betting. One of the most popular markets for soccer is the prediction of the total in a match.

The classic indicator is 2.5. The better needs to predict whether more or fewer goals will be scored in a game. The decimal is used so that there is no return option. That is, 0, 1 and 2 goals mean less, while 3+ mean more.

Some bookmakers offer exactly 2 goals. In this case, if the teams score this exact number of goals, a return is made. So, what is over? In slang, it the expected result or a result with fewer goals. Now, this term is often used in the gambling world, as many betters want to make predictions not only on popular outcomes but also on specific ones.

This makes sports even more fun. This type of market can now be found not only for football, but also for basketball, volleyball, hockey, only there are other numbers used there.