What is a penalty in football

Penalties are one of the main and most spectacular elements in football. This is an attempt from the 11-meter mark which is made by the decision of the referee. It can be appointed for violation of rules in the penalty area by a player of the opposing team. What is a penalty in soccer? It is a punishment for a team whose player committed a foul.

The strike is executed only after a whistle of a referee. Previously, a referee had to decide on the penalty himself. Now, a video assistant can help him with this. In slang, it also has a definition of “kick from the point.”

We’d note that a penalty can be performed not only during a match but also after it. They help determine which team will advance to the next round in a cup tournament. A penalty series is appointed if the main and extra time of a match ended in a goalless draw, or if the score is equal and is based on the results of two matches. What does penalty mean in football?

It also has a meaning of:

  1. The great workload on goalkeepers.
  2. Responsibility for a player, because even the greatest athletes made mistakes when hitting from the “point”.
  3. Spectacularity, so the penalty shootout series is especially loved by fans.

Despite the fact that there are analogs for this term in other sports, in football, they are perceived as a kind of art.