What is a scissor kicks in football?

There are lots of different game elements in football. This definition has the meaning of a kick through oneself, which a player usually implement while falling or jumping. The most popular type is the “side scissors” or classic when a football player makes a full-fledged flip in the air. Now you know what is a scissor kicks in soccer.

This element is considered one of the most spectacular and difficult for execution. To do it successfully, it is necessary to group oneself correctly and calculate the trajectory of the ball. That is what will be the key to an accurate kick. Scissors goals look spectacular and usually top the annual list of scoring hits.
Such an element is almost never used in other sports. An exception is beach soccer where this type of kick is also actively used.

In slang, “scissors” can sometimes have other names:

  • flip kick;
  • overhead kick;
  • rollover.

Knowing what does scissor kicks mean in football, you can better understand the favorite game of millions. This element is its true gem and almost every fan can confirm it when they witness goals scored thanks to this kick. They can often be observed in decisive matches.