What is a tackling in football

The number of victories is an important indicator. It demonstrates how successful a player was with a particular action. What is a tackling in soccer? Its definition means the number of duels won. It is tracked thanks to modern sensors installed in the equipment.

For example, the specialists traditionally count:

  1. Number of blocked kicks.
  2. Percentage of duels won.
  3. A number of victories in the “the second-floor fights”.

Most often, this indicator is used to evaluate the actions of defensive players. However, in slang, it is regularly used for all field players.

Now you know what does tackling mean in football. This definition is best suited for this sport, although now it is increasingly being applied to others preserving the original meaning.

The indicator of fights won traditionally allows you to see how well a player spent a particular match. Most often it is used by statistical portals or analytical units of teams. Thanks to it, it is possible to understand the level of success of an athlete in specific episodes, as well as during the whole match. This is the best demonstration of the problems and strengths of a particular football player.