What is a yellow card in football?

Understanding of what is a yellow card in soccer is one of the basic concepts of the game. This is a warning issued to a player for a foul. In slang, this type of punishment is called “mustard plaster.”

It is usually given out for severe violations of the rules:

  1. Slide tackle.
  2. Intentional hand play.
  3. Disrespect for an opponent.
  4. Slowing the game down.
  5. Taking the shirt off (unsporting behavior).

Such a punishment bears a meaning that if a player once again seriously violates the rules in the course of a match, he will be removed from the field. There are analogs of “mustard plaster” in other sports.

This definition is used both among professionals and fans. A warning is a signal that a player should act more carefully. Now it’s clear what does yellow card mean in football, and you can qualify the actions of an athlete yourself and evaluate whether they deserve punishment or not.