What is heading in football?

Football is a game that you can play with all parts of your body except hands. What is a heading in soccer? It implies fighting for the ball in the air. Often, this rivalry can be observed during the following types of passes:

  • corners;
  • penalties;
  • standard crosses.

In slang, this rivalry is often called “second-floor fighting.” This expression can often be heard from commentators during a match.

What does heading mean in football? This is an important element of the sport struggle, which can take place on any part of a field. Moreover, in this case, football stands out against other sports, since the second-floor fight for a ball isn’t that significant in other games. Very often, it can be seen during standard kicks.

This definition is often used by both fans and professionals. Its meaning implies one specific element of the game, which is familiar to almost everyone. First of all, taller players are more suitable for this. However, the ability to choose the right position and calculate the strength of the jump plays an important role. This will be the key to winning an air duel. Almost every team implements this kick during training, and it is used not only in defense but in the attack, too.