What is recoil in football?

Its definition implies an unintended action that changed the ball’s flight direction. For example, a kick was made, and the rebound disoriented a goalkeeper, as a result of which the ball hit the goal. This can often be observed in football.

What is a recoil in soccer? This is a random action that changes the direction of a ball. Ricochet can be caused by either you or your rival. In slang, it means an unintentional action that makes certain adjustments to the flight of a ball. Because of the recoil, it can fly out, to the corner, or even continue its movement.

Knowing what does recoil mean in football, you will be able to see it in almost every match. Note that the recoil doesn’t always radically affect the direction of a ball. This term is also used in other sports. Its meaning is always approximately the same.

Among the main determination criteria, we’d highlight:

  1. Accident.
  2. Change in the direction of a ball.
  3. Involuntariness.

This is a common element of any game because the defenders often try to block the kick, and a ball rebounds from their legs or other parts of the body, which radically changes the direction of the “projectile”.