What is the world cup in football?

In the world of football, there are dozens of different tournaments held. They vary depending on their importance and rank. What is a world cup in soccer? This is the main international competition at the national team level. It is held every four years, and the host of the competition is always selected in advance.

In slang, this tournament is also often called the “Mundial.” 32 national teams of the countries from different parts of the globe participate in it. However, the officials planned to increase their number: in the future, 48 ​​teams will gather for the main four-year forum.

What does world cup mean in football? This is the main tournament in the career of every player. Its importance can be compared with the Olympic Games for other sports. The definition itself clearly demonstrates its significance. It means that only the best teams participate in the tournament. They strive to identify the strongest one first at the group stage and in the playoffs.