What is a football?

Football is the most popular sport in the world. It is played by 2 teams of 11 people, and the strongest one wins. Slang can give other definitions of the game, for example, soccer.

In football, each match consists of two halves each lasting 45 minutes. Between them, there is a break of 15 minutes. In the second period, teams change their halves of the field. During a match, each of the opponents can make 3 substitutions. A larger number is allowed but only in cup confrontations and in extra time.

Many fans ask what is a soccer? In fact, it has the same meaning as football but is used most often in the USA.

Football is played at the level of clubs or national teams. In the first case, teams play within the same state or in the international arena, for example, in the Champions League. Matches of teams are meetings of different countries’ representatives.

The basic football rules include:

  1. It is forbidden to play with hands.
  2. A team has 11 players and 7 substitutes.
  3. Each half can be added 1 to 4 minutes depending on the delays (this indicator may be higher).

This game implies confrontation of two teams which can end in a victory for one of them, or with a draw.